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Thank you to everyone who came to our benefit party!

And a particular thanks to our performers and volunteers:

Our ace party-planning dynamo, El Beh

Magician Christian Cagigal

Magician Luigi Anzivino

Auctioneer Jason Brock

Pianist Tal Ariel

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Ray Oppenheimer

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Maryssa Wanlass

Kelli Zehnder

Cassidy Jamahl Brown

Sandra Pulley

Eve Uberman

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This Is All I Need (2010)

In This Is All I Need, Mugwumpin works to untangle and retangle the threads connecting our hearts, our anxieties, and our stuff.  Mugwumpin explores these connections from numerous angles, from the ways that our belongings become physical repositories for our most potent memories, to the fine boundaries between collecting and hoarding, to the psychosocial motors driving the contemporary urge to accumulate.

This Is All I Need first performed August 6-September 4, 2010, at NOHspace in San Francisco.  Created by the ensemble: performers Madeline H.D. Brown, Joseph Estlack, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, and Christopher W. White; directors Liz Lisle and Jonathan Spector; production designer Rod Hipskind, lighting designer Jarrod Green, sound designer Erik Pierson. An early draft of the piece featured performers Christen Karle and Mick Mize.

This Is All I Need toured to Bonn, Germany (hosted by Brotfabrik & theaterALLYOUNEED) and Paris, France (hosted by New Voice, New Projects & Bilingual Acting Workshop) in July 2011.  Touring company and crew: Joseph Estlack, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Julia Lynton, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Wolfgang Lancelot Wachalovsky & Christopher W. White.



This Is All I Need (excerpt) from Christopher White on Vimeo.


SF Bay Guardian

“Mugwumpin’s inventive, hilarious and repeatedly surprising new work—captivated and captivating—reminds us that a possession isn’t just a thing but also a (colonized) state of being.  But there’s no manifesto here, so much as a multi-faceted, deftly staged exploration of a theme so central to this bare and incredibly cluttered existence that we hardly even notice it…. Swift transformations of time and place, provocative contrasts and parallels, dexterous vocalizations, and supple and satisfyingly offbeat choreography…” Robert Avila (click here to read full review)

SF Weekly

“The show is a playful critique of the consumerist reflex… All four actors are excellent, but White's performance is so physically demanding that it's practically heroic… The whole thing stays fresh because of the wit and energy of the staging, the fierce intensity of the performers, and the general refusal to wallow in self-righteous grandstanding.”  Chris Jensen (click here to read full review)

SF Chronicle

“Things also are in constant danger of spinning out of control, which is part of the point in this highly kinetic and engaging show…. Four dynamic performers…muse, proclaim and act out variations on the things they possess and that, in different ways, possess them…. engaging, at times provocative and often very funny….  The experience is its own creative possession.” Robert Hurwitt (click here to read full review)