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We are a member of the Intersection Incubator, a program of Intersection for the Arts providing fiscal sponsorship, incubation and consulting services to artists. Donations made through Intersection are tax deductible.


Thank you to everyone who came to our benefit party!

And a particular thanks to our performers and volunteers:

Our ace party-planning dynamo, El Beh

Magician Christian Cagigal

Magician Luigi Anzivino

Auctioneer Jason Brock

Pianist Tal Ariel

The Matinees

DJ Anne Allison

Ray Oppenheimer

Greg Wrenn

Maryssa Wanlass

Kelli Zehnder

Cassidy Jamahl Brown

Sandra Pulley

Eve Uberman

Mugwumpin is "reinventing the very model of a theatre season"--read more!

Thanks to all who came!

ASOMNIA, our 60-hour sleepless performance marathon, was a crazy, surprisingly moving ride.  Thanks to the multitude of people who went above and beyond to support our experience, from bringing fresh-baked muffins to bringing kittens for us to play with.  Here are videos from the experience--check back in, because we'll be adding more soon!

Mugwumpin embarks on its multi-year Exhaustion project with an epic event during which ensemble members will stay awake together for a ludicrous 60 hours, constantly creating new performance pieces. Every two hours, a new performative moment will be presented. Come by at any time over the 60 hours to witness the giddy devolution! Buy tickets for a single day, or an entire weekend pass. Come and go at any time over the course of your ticket! 


Fri 7pm: Herbalist Sheila Devitt gives a primer on herbal adaptogens, preparing our bodies for the long haul
Sat 2pm: Erika Chong Shuch guest-directs a performance piece
Sat 8pm: Erin Mei-Ling Stuart guest-directs a performance piece
Sat midnight: Sean San Jose guest-directs a performance piece
Sun 2pm: Laura Arrington guest-directs a performance piece

DAY 1 (Bushy-tailed): $10
DAY 2 (A bit wobbly): $20
DAY 3 (Loonytoons): $30

All sales contribute to Mugwumpin’s Tenth Anniversary Fund, supporting our artists and arts programming as we celebrate our first decade.

Featuring El Beh, Madeline H.D. Brown Stephanie DeMott, Joe Estlack, Natalie Greene, Susannah Martin, Ashley Rogers, Michelle Talgarow, and Christopher W. White 

Supported by Wolfgang Wachalovsky, Katy Adcox, Sarah Elovich, Teddy Hulsker, Carolyn Cooke, CIIS staff, and volunteers

Thanks to everyone who attended The Great Big Also! Check out the video trailer...


The Great Big Also 2013 from Mugwumpin on Vimeo.